CENTRIF. Antique MED, B&W Var.1, 18 cm / 7,1”

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Black and white Centrifuge pattern on Antique Medium vase.

High quality blown crystal glass vase is decorated with water based paint. 

Multilayered pattern can be seen on the whole visible, outer surface, as well as on inner side of vase opening. It intensifies visual sensuality of the vase in the interior.

Paint imperfections and spots in your purchase are the proof of its action painting origin.

Antique Vase Medium

Height: 18 cm / 7,1”
Diameter: 15 cm / 5,9”

Vase vessel is purchased from reputable Czech manufacturer Crystalex with a long Bohemian glass tradition.

Heat hardened paint is dishwasher-safe (max. 50 °C).

Decorative box with biodegradable cardboard net filling is suitable as gift box and it also provides double protection for the vase in a Box-in-Box transport packaging.