Contemporary in synchrony with ancient

The imitation of synchrony found in nature, ancient ornaments and in urban everyday life defines my design. In symbiosis of curved blown glass shapes and painted repetitive patterns I create decorative vases and vessels.

Thanks to the action painting method of paint coating the designed patterns give each and every product a unique appearance with an artistic note.

The painted continuous repetitive pattern corresponds to the object’s shape and there is no linear interruption of the pattern alongside the whole circumference, which cannot be achieved by any conventional printing method.

Thanks to its creative potential for designing great number of various repetitive patterns, different paint layer coating methods, as well as the possibility of purchasing a large number of different blown glass and potery vessels, this technique provides the opportunity to very often create a wide variety of diverse product collections or unique pieces.

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Especially with glass, owing to the transparency of the object, painted patterns can be also seen on inner side of vases' openings. It intensifies visual sensuality of decorative item in any interior.

Repetitive Patterns

From the design of the pattern on paper to its painting on the vase, the path leads through unique self-invented CNC G-code software. It covers all the dimensions of the curved shape round vessel, the number and size of all the segments of the repetitive pattern, as well as their mutual positions, so that the obtained painted pattern on the vessel is in proportion to the designed pattern on the paper.


Z - PATTERN Gallery represents an inspiring base and a short course of geometric types of repetitive pattern designs.


Owing to the use of CNC technology, Synchropaint technique is fast, precise and steady. But also, it is absolutely painting and fine art technique at the same time. Therefore it is very suitable for both artistic and  industrial exploitation.